Emmanuel Kare

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Position: Managing Director
Phone: (+675) 3152531
Mobile: 76186969 / 71392763
Address: P O Box 3130 BOROKO NCD Port Moresby

About Me

When people are looking for a real estate professional to consult, studies show they care most about loyalty and accountability. Second is area expertise, and lastly someone they like talking to.

I am all.

My experience has been varied and intense. I have sold new developments for developers, and burned out houses that were foreclosed on by banks. I have managed over 20 homes. No client is too big or unimportant. All have needs and I have assisted all ┬átypes – from banks to developers, to distressed sellers in short sales, to investors flipping luxury homes.

Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions about Laipanda Real Estate property.

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